Elumenate works closely with its clients to create bespoke, innovative and efficient lighting solutions that enhance the architecture, design and spirit of each unique space. We embrace the design concept from the architectural elements, to the materials and finishes chosen, to create a customized and ideal lighting design solution.

We work under the belief that lighting is not simply an enhancing element, rather it is fundamental to any project’s success. Throw open the curtains in the morning to reveal a grey sky, one gives a groan. A sunny blue sky, however, fills us with delight. Turning on a light can have equal effects, even if we don’t always notice it happening. Light is a powerful force and as lighting designers we have mastered the art of its manipulation.   

About Emily

Originally from Iowa, Emily attended the University of Colorado, Boulder and received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design - Architecture. Following graduation, Emily moved to Aspen in 1997 and worked in architectural design. After four years in the business she decided to pursue her passion for lighting and specialize in it. She attended Parsons School of Design in New York and earned her Masters Degree in Architectural Lighting Design. She worked at Fisher Marantz Stone for a year and then returned to Aspen in 2003, working first at The Lighting Studio and then starting her own business, Elumenate, in 2005. With the support of her loving husband and two wonderful children, she is living her dream.




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